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    • Can I get some samples sent out before I buy my items?
      • Yes, of course! Please navigate to the product you’d like to receive samples from and select ‘Sample’. Free samples are offered to any order above $85.00.

    • What are your pyramid bags made out of?
      • Our pyramid infuser bags are made from a biodegradable cornstarch material. For more info on this please email

    • What is Panela?
      • Panela is great as a coffee sugar - it is a non acidic sweetener that preserves the balance in the flavour of your coffee.

        Panela has superior nutritional value and is better for you. Unlike refined sugars which remove molasses during processing, Panela is made from the whole juice of sugar cane. Panela also has a lower GI than refined sugars and is less acidic to your body.

        Panela is 100% Organic and there are no synthetic chemicals used in the growth or processing of our delicious panela sugar. Refined sugars often contain many known carcinogens including polyacrylamides, Calcium Hydroxide and Sulphur Dioxide.

    • Is Panela the same as raw sugar?
      • No. Raw sugar typically has still been chemically processed (with polyacrylamide, sulphur dioxide and calcium hydroxide). It may also contain anti-caking agents and the raw materials may have been sprayed with pesticides.

        Our Raw Goods Panela is organically grown and has not been subjected to chemical treatment. The product is relatively unrefined – the cane is crushed, then the sugar cane juice is filtered, evaporated to a powder then sieved and baked. Often when Panela is compared to refined sugars, the synthetic taste of refined sugars becomes a lot more noticeable.

        How long will the tea last? 24-36months, depending on how you store it. We recommend you buy a tea caddy or tin to keep it fresh and out of sunlight. Leaving it in the sun or exposed to moisture and air will dramatically reduce the shelf life.

    • Where is Somage tea from?
      • Our Chamellia Classic range is sourced mainly in Sri Lanka for black & green tea, and we source our herbs from numerous countries internationally. Our Premium & Reserve selection teas are all estate specific and the origin details are recorded on the packaging.

    • How do you know it's organic?
      • Our tea is certified and we’ve personally been to the majority of the tea estates that we source our tea from.

    • Do you offer training?
      • Yes, we offer expert training sessions on a regular basis. They are free for our wholesale customers. Is learning about tea and how to prepare it properly something that you would be interested in? Please contact us if so.

    • What are the Labour conditions for the workers?
      • We ensure farmers are paid the right amount that enables them to live above the poverty line. We have a direct trade relationship with our tea estates and pay a significant premium far beyond the minimum price offered by fair trade for our specialty grade teas. Beyond this, we are a values based company and we care for the people we work with.

    • Where are the plantations?
      • The plantations which we source our tea from vary and for most of our teas the details of the plantation are recorded on the packaging.

        Our Chamellia teas are sourced from Nilmini tea estate in Southern Sri Lanka.

    • Does your tea contain caffeine?
      • Yes, all teas from the tea plant contain caffeine. Therefore black, green, oolong and white teas all contain various levels of caffeine. A rule of thumb is lighter teas contain least caffeine and darkest teas (black) contain most. As tea is a natural crop, many factors, including harvest, rainfall and region, can change the level of caffeine.

        If you are looking to avoid caffeine, we would recommend our herbal range or rooibos.

    • How should I store your products?
      • To ensure your products taste good from the first sip to the last drop, we recommend storing your tea in airtight tins or glass jars away from direct sunlight.

    • Does your drinking chocolate contain dairy or gluten?
      • Kali Chocolate does not contain gluten or dairy and is suitable for coeliacs, vegans and the dairy intolerant.

    • Is your cocoa fair trade?
      • The cocoas we source are not fair trade, but are obtained from SERAP certified cocoa suppliers. SERAP stands for Social and Environmentally Responsible Agricultural Practices, a certification requiring its members to engage in ethical trade practices, with the premiums of this certification going to rural development, preventative health training, education towards the importance of clean drinking water, proper sanitation and good nutrition.

        Since 2005, SERAP has provided about US$21.5 million in premiums to grower cooperatives to promote sustainable cocoa cultivation and better living standards for cocoa farmers and their communities.