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Ahinsa Estate

Sri Lanka, renowned for its remarkably high levels of plant diversity and unique endemism.

By Paloma Jones


Nestled within this lush, pearl-shaped archipelago, thrives a vastly biodiverse region, abundant in minerals and various botanical species.
This is where the unprecedented Ahinsa estate has established its home and considerately intertwined its utilitarianism ideology.

The name 'Ahinsa' derives its roots from Sanskirt and means quite simply, peace. Its translation articulates the treasured philosophy surrounding the estate’s attitudes in the implementation of ethical methodologies, for the equal prosperity of both humans and nature.

At Ahinsa, quality takes priority, however, it does not triumph over their altruistic ideology of respectful preservation and maintaining the balance between humans and surrounding nature.

The property is comprised of tea gardens that, with the assistance of their benevolent guardianship, thrive organically. These abundant patches of undisturbed flora produce a diverse tea range including black tea, green tea, white tea, and various herbal teas.

In addition, the Estate also cultivates a variety of crops, products, herbs, and spices such as black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, lemongrass, vanilla, and various other medicinal botanicals.


Ahinsa Tea was originally produced in 1999 on a small tea farm in Sri Lanka’s southern province, the Nilmini Estates.

The operations at Ahinsa are coordinated by Professor Piya Abeywaganda. Described as a visionary man, the professor’s work, since the commencement of the Ahinsa/Chamellia partnership, has illuminated the path and guided the conversion of 100 green tea producers into implementing their own organic farming Practices.

Somage and Ahinsa’s partnership has blossomed and over a 6-year period the collaboration has solidified through their mutual ethos and admiration for the natural world.
Since the commencement of this alliance, Ahinsa has been acknowledged as Sri Lanka’s best organic tea estate. Chamellia tea now accounts for more than half of all tea sales at Ahinsa.

Somage has implemented an ethical partnership with programs fueled to improved leaf quality, through the green leaf outgrower program and the sponsorship of the green leaf tea quality competition. The friendship between Somage & Ahinsa continues to grow, as we encourage and support one an another.

Ahinsa tea is a completely certified organic tea that has been approved by the Control Union to the NOP-USDA, EU, and JAS standards. Nilmini Estates is plausibly the country’s most bio-diversified organic tea plantation.

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