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Music for Sense

Somage sense series is a collection dedicate to highlighting an ingredient, by the month.

Each month we link descriptions, visuals & interpretations, all from the same source, to bring us closer to all interactions of life.

We derived from all modes of art, nature & associations and curate a range to match each ingredient's profile.

We hope you enjoy the each selection of songs to compliment your sense.


A longstanding insignia of tranquility, the coconut palm has unsurprisingly been adopted as the national tree of the idyllic Maldives.
Described as sweet, with slight notes of melted butter, green & wood.

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The yellow colored root, belonging to the family of ginger, Turmeric is distinct for its poignant aroma & strong flavour.
Normally described as earthy, bitter or bold, it can be consumed fresh, dried or as a spice.

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Matcha, the sharply curved, elongated leaves that stretch out and end at a fine point.
This ingredient has been recognised for its grounding and smooth flavour, with a captivating emerald tint.

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