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Somage has spent its entirety curiously seeking and collecting the world’s most coveted ingredients.

Through our 13 years, we’ve devised an ethos built on honouring each origin, the land which homes it and the hands in which it passes.


The beginning of Somage started on a terrace in Melbourne, when two friends contemplated a premium drinking chocolate.

The pursuit led them to what would inspire years of global explorations, observation and quality sourcing. The bare essence of Somage has been built on the admiration for the land and through each leaf, fruit & root, we serve as a reminder that we are nature.

Each blend is a homage for the traditions, farmers & people who inhabit and nurture these diverse environments.


Each ingredient which passes through these hands is safe kept and meticulously tended, as we safeguard the processes and land from which it is obtained.

Through the nurturing of tradition, custom practices & absolute care, we ensure to hold all of its native savour & properties.

Safe keeping

All leaves & spices are carefully considered in the form of which they are primed.

Patience and a conscientious pace is imperative, prioritising that each ingredient follows its unique procedure, to hold its most natural state.


The ultimate product combines our considered methods and the gentle care of each person behind it.

Collected & carried through to our factories, we package our blends to be sent to our distributors and our customer’s keep.



We collaborate with farmers who care for the people and the environment which supports them.

These values translate to all the people homed within Somage, of which all share the same thought, devotion & reason.


Our products are grown sustainably and organically, learning each grower’s methods and processes to ensure each element’s purity.

Product quality

We use entirely natural ingredients, continuously testing and refining our standards.

Each product is tested & tasted, ensuring the closest consistency across all collections.


Our products are all ethically sourced as we partner with producers, to facilitate the improvement of workers, the environment, and produce.

We work closely with all cultivators promising complete transparency through each stage of creation.