Eight Immortals Oolong -1.7oz (50g)

Eight Immortals Oolong -1.7oz (50g)

Ba Xian (Eight Immortals) is classified as a floral type of Phoenix Dancong oolong tea. The Phoenix Eight Immortals gains its name because it is said that the complex tea boasts eight separate and equally delicious aromas.

The name Dan Cong simply means single thicket, referring to the tea leaves being typically picked from ancient trees known for their complexity of flavour.

Our eight immortals Dan Cong conforms to this label, having been harvested from 140+ year old trees on the volcanic slopes of Phoenix Mountain.

The flavour is sweet and uplifting, complex and floral, but not overpowering. The tea has been baked softly, the resulting liquor is crisp and balanced, rich with flavour but light on the palate.