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Matcha Ceremonial Grade

Matcha Ceremonial Grade


  • Velvet-like texture with moderate umami characters and hints of coca. This ceremonial grade blend of Kamidori and Goko is grown in a multi-generational tea dynasty, melding a subtle sweetness with bright acidity.

  • Creamy, Umami, Cocoa

  • Premium Single Origin Green Tea

  • Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan



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  • A finely ground powder of green tea leaves, this ingredient's hues is matched by its flavour. Light hints of sweetness, Matcha has a high concentration of antioxidants and immune boosting properties.

How to prepare

  • Prepare your water temperature to 167°F & preheat your vessel.

  • With your bamboo scoop (or teaspoon), weigh a heaping amount of matcha into a sifter (about ½ of a teaspoon). Gently move the scoop around the sifter to release the matcha into the bowl. Evenly cover the matcha powder over the bowl.

  • Pour 1.7 fl oz of hot water into the bowl & begin whisking vigorously in an W-motion until the matcha is frothy. Start from the bottom of the bowl and move up to remove bubbles. Add more water (1.7 fl oz l recommended) & continue to whisk. Slow whisking down at the end to to keep bubbles small.

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