Red Cloak Grande - 1.7oz (50g)

Red Cloak Grande - 1.7oz (50g)

The most revered amongst all Wuyi oolongs, our Da Hong Pao (translate: Big Red Cloak) is made of pure pedigree leaves (meaning - cuttings were taken from the Da Hong Pao mother trees and nurtured to create Purebred Da Hong Pao).

Production of this Red Cloak Grande is extremely limited, only 10kg is produced each year, harvested from two second generation 100+ Year old noble breed trees located in the heights of Wuyi.

Masterfully processed, this tea is a testament to the famous name it represents.

Our Da Hong Pao is a wonderfully complex and smooth oolong, the rich baked aroma has hints of Dark cocoa, Tobacco and Baked sweet crust and floral bouquet. The taste is deep and complex, the sweetness of Raisins marries with Tobacco and muted citrus notes similar to pomelo.