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Somage Fine Foods launches into the USA Market

A little under 11 years ago, Somage Founders Ben & Nathan had a vision to improve the quality of drinking chocolate served in cafes. This vision birthed Kali Drinking Chocolate which has grown to become one of Australia's much loved cafe brands. The success of Kali inspired Somage to broaden its range to other products which it felt could enhance the quality and service experience of products in cafes and restaurants. The paradigm of specialty beverages had emerged. 
Somage evolved to play a pivotal role in the establishment of the specialty beverage movement throughout Asia, conducting numerous trips to Tea, Cocoa, Panela and Spice Farms (more than 160 so far), establishing both the World Tea Brewing Championship and the AustralAsian Specialty Tea Association, and educating industry leaders on production methods, brewing, preparation and service delivery. A number of trends, including precision tea brewing, the creation of Cold Infused R2D Sparkling Iced teas, the introduction of panela sugar as a superior sweetener for coffee, and the first fresh (wet) turmeric chai, are all directly attributable to innovations created by Somage. 
We've reached a point where we are ready to share our gifts with the world. Part of our inspiration and motivation for setting up our new home in the USA was the example set by one of our VIP Australian customers, Proud Mary Coffee, who is in the midst of setting up their first, and highly anticipated, cafe in Portland's NE Alberta St. There is no doubt their arrival will have an impact on Portland's Cafe culture, a very positive one in my belief, especially if the opportunity for collaboration to taken with a commitment toward enhancing the experience for Portland consumers. Collaboration matched with alternate experiences and perspectives will drive innovation. 
The establishment of Somage in the USA has been a huge undertaking - it has required the set up of new companies, adapting our product labels to meet regulatory requirements, creating a new website and ordering platform, and establishing our warehousing and logistics systems. We're here for the long term! Nathan has also moved indefinitely to the USA to share our expertise and support leading foodservice businesses to excel. Fortunately Portland seems to be a great fit for Nathan, given it's proudly "weird" reputation, focus on community, and appreciation of all things craft / specialty. Nathan would also like to give a shout out of gratitude to Portland locals that have warmly welcomed him. 
If you would like to meet Nathan, to tap into his knowledge and experience, arrange a collaborative tasting or educational event, or to try our fantastic products, please email 

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